Sonia Warshawski

Once again, Sonia Warshawski will be one of the last.

One might think the impending closing of the cavernous Metcalf South Shopping Center, home to her tailor shop, would be nothing more than a petty inconvenience to a woman who endured one of the great tragedies of modern history.

“Bless your heart, it’s true. I talk to myself like this,” said Warshawski, 88.

Shrunk with age to 4 feet 10 inches, she wears a thin line of crimson lipstick, never leaves home without her brown hair done up in a bouffant of curls and still speaks in the lilting Polish accent of her youth. “I say to myself, ‘Hey, Sonia, they came in, the Germans … and one day, everything is gone.’ ”

May 12 2014 – Article by Eric Adler


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