Project Plan

Estimated Timeline

We began production in 2011 and completed the film in November 2016.

Nov 2016: Bi-coastal World Premiere at Napa Film Festival & DOC NYC during the same week, and Sonia’s 91st birthday!

Jan 2017Sept 2017: Film Festivals, Private Screenings, and Fundraising for an official theatrical release in Fall 2017.

April – August 2017: Crowd-funding campaign with Women You Should Fund to cover distribution, marketing, Academy campaign & theatrical costs.

Fall 2017: Theatrical release in key cities across the US (beginning with LA, NY, and Kansas City)

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 : Community Screenings, Outreach & Impact Campaign in collaboration with Film Sprout; Film available for hosting your own screening; Creation of the educational version of the film (45 mins) with assets for educators (in collaboration with Stan Greenspon Center for Social Justice); Theatrical screenings continue!



Big Sonia Scissors
Big Sonia Scissors